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Composing MusicStudio offers courses in theory and music history. These courses are critical to every student’s music education. They support and complement studies of any musical instrument. Courses are designed in accordance with Royal Conservatory Examinations curriculum and take the student from the basic concepts to the most advanced ones.

Our students get very high scores on their written theory exams. This is a testament to our successful teaching methods.

Theory classes of all levels commence in February (Winter session), June (Summer session) and in September (Fall session).

2017 Theory Schedule


Sight reading, dictation, melody writing, harmonization, modulation, counterpoint, structural analysis will be covered in all these courses. We prepare our students for their practical exams as well giving them ear training, melodic dictations, sight reading and sight singing exercises.

  • Preliminary Rudiments
  • Basic Rudiments
  • Intermediate Rudiments
  • Advanced Rudiments
  • Basic Harmony
  • Intermediate Harmony
  • Advanced Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Analysis
  • Ear Training *

* Ear training course is designed for students of all instruments who are getting ready for GR.6-8 Practical Exam. It covers the requirements of the ear-training portion of the exam. Our goal is to ensure every student is prepared above and beyond the requirements, ready for advanced theory courses and enriched understanding and appreciation of music that lasts a lifetime. Each class incorporates numerous melodic and rhythmic dictations, playback, sight-singing and sight-reading exercises, scales, cadences, intervals and chords.


All three courses cover the periods from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th and 21st century to present.
Students will study the lives and musical contributions of wide range of composers, development of music styles and genres, representative works and their forms.

History 1: Overview
History 2: Middle Ages to classical
History 3: 19 centre to present


“A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.”
Leopold Stokowski.

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  • About Music Studio

    Arpeggio Music Studio was founded in 2005, and provides school-aged children with piano, group theory and music history classes. The studio follows RCM examinations curriculum and takes pride in its high standards.  
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