Music Theory Workshop


Composing MusicUnderstand the music you love from inside out.

Arpeggio Music Studio offers an educational workshop titled – “Let’s Harmonize a Chorale Melody”.

This workshop is designed for those who have interest in understanding and improving their skills in Basic Harmony.

Prerequisite Advanced Rudiments.

Participants should bring a manuscript paper and pencils.

Time & Place: The workshop will be held on Monday September 1, 2014 from 4.30pm-6.00pm at the Church of the Incarnation. Free admissions.

Instructor: Natalie Artemas-Polak ARCT, LTCL, BMus, MPhil

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    Arpeggio Music Studio was founded in 2005, and provides school-aged children with piano, group theory and music history classes. The studio follows RCM examinations curriculum and takes pride in its high standards.  
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